Modeled after the famed Best American Poetry (BAP), Best Indian Poetry intends to help foreign readers of poetry break ice with poetry from India. In this measure, the idea supports literary journals for their hard work toward shaping world literature and Indian poets of all stature with substantial contribution to Indian and therefore world literature.

The Best of India’s Verse

Just when we were complaining the lack of platforms to showcase good poetry, Linda Ashok, who is most known for spearheading the annual RL Poetry Award, has announced her new pet project — The Best Indian Poetry anthology. The series, which is slated to debut this year, is modelled after the famed Best American Poetry series running for over a decade in the US. Ashok, who is going to be the editor of the series, has already solicited literary magazines to submit the best works by resident Indians written in English or translated into English from any regional language, published during January to December 2017.

“This is an attempt to raise the exposure for poetry produced in this subcontinent. Although there are many anthologies published in the country, there is no one anthology that brings the published works of the established, the fairly new and debutant poets together for a foreign reader’s speculation,” said Ashok. The last date for sending entries is August 15. You can submit your entries to

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